Release notes vanaf versie 4.2.0

Release notes vanaf versie 4.2.0

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Via de release notes blijf je op de hoogte van de productontwikkeling van Axeos. We zijn continu bezig onze producten en diensten te verbeteren. Regelmatig is er een nieuwe versie beschikbaar met verbeteringen, nieuwe functionaliteiten, en oplossingen.

Onze updates zijn belangrijk om onze software optimaal te gebruiken, en in de release notes lees je welke veranderingen er in de verschillende versies zitten.

(Most recent first)

Version 4.2

Only the front-end is the same compared to 4.1. Complete back-end redesign and re-write.

Version 4.2.6


  • AXPBX-2826 – added dash board for end-user, combine several menus in one page (this will expand in future releases)
  • AXPBX-2847 – Add Axeos desktop phone. A native app for Windows and Apple desktop, provisioned by PBX
  • AXPBX-2832 – Allow agents to grab a call from an ACD queue. Show how many calls where grabbed.
  • AXPBX-2665 – show name of caller in the ACD view screen, based on match in phone book


  • AXPBX-2830 – Show Calls ACD stats in the same way for admin and end-user
  • AXPBX-2817  – tell PBX to continue to retry to re-connect to SPP even on “no route to host”
  • AXPBX-2057 – remove queue-thankyou from ACD announcement
  • AXPBX-2735 – Add membership to Status/ACD stats
  • AXPBX-2838 update various sounds
  • AXPBX-2823 – various SQL query optimisations to speed up response on PBX

Bug fixes

  • AXPBX-2855 –  Trying to reset an Axeos (mobile) Phone app password results in an error
  • AXPBX-2835 – Position announcements in queue (callswaiting) are not played in other language
  • AXPBX-2810 – Can’t export user accounts
  • AXPBX-2831 – (regression) ACD’s disappear from view in My Settings/ACD for all logged in agents when one agent sets state to disabled in any queue
  • AXPBX-2322 – when remove enabled IPset list produce a proper error message
  • AXPBX-2812 – LSP phonebook scroll ends halfway, doesn’t display more entries , you can search all
  • AXPBX-2375 – Missing switch value refresh after changing it other way than GUI
  • AXPBX-2809 – License is double counting non-personal autonomous phones (old “VoIP phone” feature)
  • AXPBX-2808 – Negative number of not assigned phones when autonomous phone is added as non-personal phone
  • AXPBX-2391 – Sort ACD members alphabetically in dropdown menu


Version 4.2.5

  • [AXPBX-2805] – hot fix release – fixes remote provisioning issue for Yealink phones in PBX 4.2.4

Version 4.2.4

  • [AXPBX-2766] – added missing dialog about relogin when logged user roles are changed
  • [AXPBX-2791] – missing permission profile type causes error log
  • [AXPBX-2797] – Field descriptions: increased maximum size for names in sound files
  • [AXPBX-2799] – in some rare cases renew date of certificate could not be calculated, resulting in missing renewal
  • [AXPBX-2800] – increase start time for GUI on large systems
  • [AXPBX-2801] – Yealink changed the DN again in the new intermediate certificate. ‘Yealink Manufacturing CA’ != ‘Yealink Equipment Issuing CA’

Version 4.2.3

  • [AXPBX-2775] – optimize some SQL queries to speed up starting of the GUI
  • [AXPBX-2783] – corrected SIP header when using anonymous
  • [AXPBX-2785] – correct duplicate permissiong conversion indexes

Version 4.2.2


  • [AXPBX-2287] – add extra (exit) conditions when using more than one webhook
  • [AXPBX-2396] – Change label smart routing to reinvite in phones
  • [AXPBX-2732] – Change source new firmware notification (e.g. only notify latest published release)
  • [AXPBX-2762] – Upgrade pjsip


  • [AXPBX-2076] – Unreachable hotdesk phone is shown as online
  • [AXPBX-2374] – MQ ‘set-license’ request has timed-out for PBX
  • [AXPBX-2398] – improve error dialog when user has no permission to [actions.switches, eui] when changing switch state
  • [AXPBX-2719] – multiple setters exist for pausedreason, incall and qualifytimeout (add missing labels)
  • [AXPBX-2757] – Users can add new rules to their extension but cannot edit or remove them
  • [AXPBX-2760] – lower case ‘md5’ algorithm in WWW-Authenticate header
  • [AXPBX-2761] – do not force TLS1.3, it gives trouble with endpoints using TLS1.2
  • [AXPBX-2763] – LazyInitializationException when using logout button in LSP for hotdesk phone
  • [AXPBX-2765] – “NumberFormatException” when trying to update user extension as phone user
  • [AXPBX-2769] – Upgrade from 4.1.14 to 4.2.1 overwrites custom logo
  • [AXPBX-2770] – Upgrade from 4.1.14 to 4.2.1 removes phones Global settings extra configuration for some Yealink and Snom phones
  • [AXPBX-2771] – Typo in “Snom 870 (V8)” obsolete name

Version 4.2.1

Important fixes and improvements based on feedback on the 4.2.0. Upgrade from to 4.1.14 to 4.2.1 is now recommended, 4.2.x contains security improvements.

New feature

  • [AXPBX-1717] – phonebook access via PBX API
  • [AXPBX-2531] – Linphone sync phonebook via LDAP interface to the PBX
  • [AXPBX-2556] – proper OAuth authorization page in swagger page (https://PBX/apis/pbx/v1/docs


  • [AXPBX-2249] – allow voice prompt “not set” in webhooks, for uninterrupted call flow
  • [AXPBX-2537] – Always generate API events for all calls no longer needed to add a dial plan action
  • [AXPBX-2623] – simplify phonebook
  • [AXPBX-2632] – Support large phonebooks (> 50.000 entries)
  • [AXPBX-2642] – Set phones with “autonomous” and “allow hotdesk” as non-personal by default
  • [AXPBX-2654] – added Clear user lock from LSP GUI, when user repeatly entered wrong password the accounts lock increases in time
  • [AXPBX-2660] – trigger webhooks in combination with ACD. Added call dialplan routine on ACD agent answer (was: trigger webhook upon agent answer)
  • [AXPBX-2663] – Display warning when ‘phone number’ user phone is added and no arbitrary cid is allowed on a trunk
  • [AXPBX-2666] – axeos phone now shows PBX phone book
  • [AXPBX-2673] – Country in phone book contact address is normalized country code
  • [AXPBX-2681] – phone provisioning: new Yealink CA needed (T33g and U models now supported)
  • [AXPBX-2682] – api: make phone book searches case-insensitive
  • [AXPBX-2685] – Replace 0039Z. pattern in default permission profile with 0039X.
  • [AXPBX-2686] – List ipsets with description in Firewall add/edit dialog
  • [AXPBX-2695] – If Axeos Phone exists and firewall allows 5060/udp then create corresponding 5061/tcp rule, as we use encryption by default
  • [AXPBX-2698] – Implement password brute-forcing protection for the PBX API v1
  • [AXPBX-2706] – Limit address book to single organization and address per contact
  • [AXPBX-2738] – Make proper SIP REGISTER expiration setting in SIP trunk

Bug fixes

  • [AXPBX-2370] – (external) call number not passed to phone number of user
  • [AXPBX-2728] – Upgrade pjsip: no longer mixing ACD agent events
  • [AXPBX-2638] – Make a bigger request body text field for Webhooks (allow large JSON body)
  • [AXPBX-2661] – api: some calls fail with Internal Error, ‘TypeError: ‘coroutine’ object is not subscriptable’
  • [AXPBX-2667] – counter off by 1: cannot create axeos phone (maximum number of SIP phones reached)
  • [AXPBX-2668] – webhooks: incoming call data missing when agent answer routine called
  • [AXPBX-2677] – daily acd stats do not reset
  • [AXPBX-2678] – reduce number of rebuilds unsupported phonebook types on phonebook changes
  • [AXPBX-2684] – LSP does not display rules added to new inbound number
  • [AXPBX-2687] – NPE: when login on PBX with license without user-options needed for dashboard
  • [AXPBX-2688] – openssl vulnerability CVE-2022-0778
  • [AXPBX-2690] – Upgrade from 4.1.x to 4.2.x enables encryption for Axeos Phone and generates config file with new name
  • [AXPBX-2691] – Duplicated ‘index’ values in permission profile after upgrade from 4.1.13 to 4.2.x
  • [AXPBX-2699] – Postress broken pipe and timeout api error on bigger phonebook
  • [AXPBX-2700] – Special characters can’t be used with to search LDAP phonebook
  • [AXPBX-2701] – Empty phonebook.xml when “land line” is choosen in directories
  • [AXPBX-2704] – Phonebook API Internal Server Error on missing organization unit or address fields
  • [AXPBX-2710] – Phonebook export fails due to ‘Unable to locate Attribute with the the given name [addresses]’
  • [AXPBX-2711] – Lazily initialize error dialog when trying to remove recorded call
  • [AXPBX-2714] – NPE when reloading ACD queues
  • [AXPBX-2715] – Call Me Back url doesn’t call me back but instead now asks for login credentials
  • [AXPBX-2716] – LazyInitializationException when login/logout on hotdesk phone
  • [AXPBX-2718] – no logs when I click “force rebuild config”
  • [AXPBX-2720] – Unable to load config file ‘resolver_unbound.conf’ when using ‘reload everything’
  • [AXPBX-2723] – PBX floods log about queue not found after removing it
  • [AXPBX-2724] – Lazily exception when executing “Rebuild all”
  • [AXPBX-2726] – PBX requires payment when Legacy API is disabled
  • [AXPBX-2729] – outbound prefix permissions not used when API calling (including CMB + prefixed number)
  • [AXPBX-2730] – ERROR: column co.contact_id does not exist at character 158
  • [AXPBX-2731] – cannot show/load ACD in GUI, converting more than 50 ACD’s
  • [AXPBX-2733] – Storage converter from 4.1 to 4.2 fails on phonebook
  • [AXPBX-2739] – Connection closed when trying to provision phone after backup upload
  • [AXPBX-2740] – Invalid UUID string when trying to provision phone
  • [AXPBX-2742] – Invalid UUID string in conversion
  • [AXPBX-2744] – autonomous phone does not properly convert end-of-life voip phone rule
  • [AXPBX-2749] – missing codec in SIP INVITE, SPD malformed

Version 4.2.0

4.2.0 is a major overhaul, the only thing that did not change yet are the looks of the user interface. This makes it easy to move from 4.1. to this new platform. The sheer number of changes is too much to list them all.

This new platform allows Axeos to add more new features in order to help you and your customer, without legacy slowing us down.

New feature

  • Support for Trengo via webhooks
  • Backend now based on Spring Framework
  • replaced internal database with PostgreSQL RDBMS, internal ACD and CDR records spooled via local SQL database.
  • PBX API and Bubble from Redcactus aligned now PBX can connect to many CRM packages
  • create PBX via API via management portal
  • [AXPBX-2373] – Introduce autonomous phones. Can be assigned in dial plan actions as regular phone. Re-introduction of the old voip phone option. When you can add phone without associating a user to it. Examples: door/gate intercom, conference room phones etc.
  • [AXPBX-2500] – New ‘v1’ PBX API. Redesign of the PBX API. Scalable and with more endpoints.
    can be streamed via websockets. For details see docs for API on
  • [AXPBX-2266] – Add support for Snom D385, D375, D345, D315, D305
  • [AXPBX-2241] – add yealink T5 models
  • [AXPBX-2620] – Added email notification for switch state change via api and dialplan rule
  • [AXPBX-2491] – Add support for yealink desk phones T19(P) E2, T21(P) E2, T30, T30P, T31, T31P/G, T33P/G, T42U, T43U, T46U, T48U
  • [AXPBX-2103] – Add support for Gigaset Maxwell phones


  • [AXPBX-2343] – open port 80 during Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal. It is no longer needed to have a rule in the firewall to allow port 80
  • [AXLSP-1986] – axeos phone encryption (TLS + SRTP) added to the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • [AXPBX-1619] – data collection: now you can set Content-Type for POST body (default JSON)
  • [AXLSP-1145] – replaced log4j by logback. our PBX was not affected by log4j bugs, it was dropped already before the security leaks became public.
  • [AXPBX-2389] – if ACD agent sets do-not-disturb then also set agent to paused, and if agent removes  DND then unpause
  • [AXPBX-2477] – Simplify entities removals. Now you do not need to click a lot anymore to remove a user.
  • [AXPBX-2519] – Create UI for managing OAuth2 client credentials (api keys).
  • [AXPBX-2109] – Spool queue logs and CDRs through local database
  • [AXPBX-2111] – Handle backups of the internal database
  • [AXPBX-2159] – reduce logging when spammed
  • [AXPBX-2174] – Add load_backup command to the admin shell
  • [AXPBX-2175] – Add “reset” button to Status/Abuse prevention
  • [AXPBX-2176] – Add “reset to defaults” button in System/Abuse prevention
  • [AXPBX-2632] – support large phone books (bigger than 50.000 entries)
  • [AXPBX-2206] – remove HTTP GET from system. Was always disabled by default.
  • [AXPBX-2252] – Display ACD agent full name instead of only userid
  • [AXPBX-2262] – Provide users info to provisioning server
  • [AXPBX-2286] – MessageQueue (MQ): Add ACD agents details to ‘lsp-info’
  • [AXPBX-2289] – ‘Cannot check for firmware updates’ alert remains after subsequent attempt is successful
  • [AXPBX-2294] – fixed ‘Certificate renew failed’ alert remains after subsequent renewal attempt is successful
  • [AXPBX-2296] – provision initial firewall configuration from cloud-config.
  • [AXPBX-2352] – Include QEMU Guest Agent in VPBX image
  • [AXPBX-2353] – Improve visibility of timestamps in notifications
  • [AXPBX-2354] – Display user’s name not only user’s id in call group
  • [AXPBX-2385] – Upgrade to Java 11
  • [AXPBX-1662] – Outbound trunk prefix: no longer allow 0 and prefix-less trunk at the same time
  • [AXPBX-2434] – add checkbox to make voip phone billable (autonomous)
  • [AXPBX-2435] – upgrade to pjsip 18.x
  • [AXPBX-2478] – Drop XML support in the PBX API
  • [AXPBX-2529] – Provide ‘apiKey’ authentication replacement for journal access
  • [AXPBX-2540] – Remove the TFTP server
  • [AXPBX-2553] – Add CRM and ACD-tools count to dashboard
  • [AXPBX-2554] – Add autonomous and axeos phone phones count to dashboard
  • [AXPBX-2604] – expand swap space
  • [AXPBX-2625] – add index to speed up phone number look in phone book in dial plan
  • [AXPBX-2627] – make dropdown of sip phone sorted

Bug fixes

  • [AXPBX-1298] – improve screen handling in permissions menu. Add some mark on parent role when children is checked
  • [AXPBX-2331] – Selected Local DID in trunk gets lost after disabling registration
  • [AXPBX-1345] – Time rule “Week number” validation complains about wrong date
  • [AXPBX-1710] – Unpause an acd agent after login does not work
  • [AXPBX-1807] – Quickdial: ignore space in numbers
  • [AXPBX-1864] – Enabled “vendor auto provisioning” for not supported phones is misleading
  • [AXPBX-1915] – When caller hangs up receptionist is called by TRC and on taking call hears pbx MoH
  • [AXPBX-1931] – Not working “OK” button in edit user dialog
  • [AXPBX-1942] – GXT – Window does not focus items correctly with TAB keyboard navigation
  • [AXPBX-2011] – Odd SMTP dialog ‘OK’ button behaviour
  • [AXPBX-2039] – Cannot download reco to process gigaset request
  • [AXPBX-2118] – pjsip complains on “dtls_verify=nothing”
  • [AXPBX-2119] – NPE on PBX and Error on SPP when trying to enable vendor provisioning
  • [AXPBX-2120] – LSP with no SPP configured won’t start
  • [AXPBX-2129] – Can’t edit ‘generic sip phone’ (or any other phone with empty mac address field)
  • [AXPBX-2130] – ‘-‘ in front of the field shows up when MAC-ID is invalid
  • [AXPBX-2131] – mobility_agi: g_variant_new_string: assertion ‘g_utf8_validate (string, -1, NULL)’ failed
  • [AXPBX-2134] – ‘Unable to store Job : ‘renew-cert.renew-cert’, because one already exists with this identification.’
  • [AXPBX-2142] – Nhotdesk user logins on a phone
  • [AXPBX-2547] – The recording upload script (upload_spooler) ignores PBX installed CA certificates
  • [AXPBX-2548] – Can’t open recorded calls settings
  • [AXPBX-2550] – TRC agent is removed from being receptionist upon user edit
  • [AXPBX-2555] – Missing dialog about not enabling hotdesk for personal phone
  • [AXPBX-2558] – IPv6 firewall entries do not work
  • [AXPBX-2560] – Yealink with Lydis fw fails to download phone config, PBX set to allow older small hashes
  • [AXPBX-2563] – webhook: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255), increase allowed body size.
  • [AXPBX-2565] – Remove support for Aastra and Cisco 79xx
  • [AXPBX-2566] – Remove support for Snom D7xx v8 firmware
  • [AXPBX-2571] – Do not revoke expired certificate when removing it from vpbx
  • [AXPBX-2573] – Redis complains about overcommit_memory
  • [AXPBX-2582] – Queue agents disabled after backup load
  • [AXPBX-2583] – Missing firewall reload after backup upload
  • [AXPBX-2584] – LSP should set the legacy API key
  • [AXPBX-2633] – When user is removed it’s softphone stays in database
  • [AXPBX-2634] – Unable to delete MAC from phone: Phone with the same MAC address already exist
  • [AXPBX-2635] – Internal server error when trying to “clear all” PBX notifications

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