Release notes vanaf versie 5.0

Release notes vanaf versie 5.0

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Via de release notes blijf je op de hoogte van de productontwikkeling van Axeos. We zijn continu bezig onze producten en diensten te verbeteren. Regelmatig is er een nieuwe versie beschikbaar met verbeteringen, nieuwe functionaliteiten, en oplossingen.

Onze updates zijn belangrijk om onze software optimaal te gebruiken, en in de release notes lees je welke veranderingen er in de verschillende versies zitten.

(Most recent first)

Version 5.x

A complete new operating system with some minor customer facing changes. You do not see but it has change lot in the back. It is strongly recommended to upgrade from 4.x to 5.x. Certificates of vendor have changed and many other things have changed that improve performance.

Version 5.0.0


  • AXPBX-3122 — support to show credentials via API for soft phone integration into own software
  • AXPBX-3066 — facilitate speech to text by splitting caller into own channel for high quality translation
  • AXPBX-3123 — support for JSON export
  • AXPBX-3090 – call me back functions allow to grab a call me back request from the queue and show name if match.

Version 5.0.1


  • AXPBX-3203 — Warn about v0 API usage, inform via logs deprecated v0 is in use, please move to v1
  • AXPBX-3177 — api: OAuth2: issue refresh token for password authentication workflow. Check https://hostname/apis/pbx/v1/docs for Swagger documentation API


  • AXPBX-3217 — When using quick-dial: incoming call event comes only when call is already answered, now behaves equal to regular IP phones
  • AXPBX-3219 — ACD stats reset time must me stored as local time and converted to system time every day as the event is scheduled
  • AXPBX-3209 — fixed crashes when mixing TCP and UDP as transport
  • AXPBX-3218 — cleared errors on PBX because of bad handling of client disconnection
  • AXPBX-3201 — fixed error in websocket callback
  • AXPBX-3205 — fixed Can’t add Date timerule (Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘q’))
  • AXPBX-3204 — fixed ‘API Call-Me-Back request failed: Unprocessable Entity for url’ when “answer” rule is missing before CMB
  • AXPBX-3192 — cannot listen to voicemail: File digits/nl-om does not exist
  • AXPBX-3191 — drop useless logs: translate.c:603 in translate: 8409 lost frame(s)
  • AXPBX-3194 — Time rule saved is not the timerule user added
  • AXPBX-3187 — api: wrong schema for ‘voicemail update’ event
  • AXPBX-3196 — Internal server error when checking switches via legacy api

Older versions

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